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Is your Product Packaging Christmas friendly?

The revolution of eCommerce fulfilment services like Shopify & Magento Shipping mean as a business you’d need never see or hold your physical stock.

It is for this very reason working closely with your packaging supplier is essential to ensure a smooth logistical experience. As packaging, warehouse and fulfilment experts we here at PA Packaging have pulled together a few top tips for ensuring the perfect parcel for your customers this Christmas and beyond!
Work from the Inside Out
Packaging is of course 100% dependant on what you are selling. Packaging can be as simple as a box or completely bespoke to your product. Ask yourself a few pivotal questions, key among these is how protected does the item need to be? This may well impact on all other areas of the packaging.

Other points to consider, cost, information, appearance. If you’re selling a high-end product then poor packaging can cheapen …Read More