Secure & Attractive Packaging For Large Products

A method of packing involving a thin grade clear film sealed around a product or number of products for which heat is applied to ‘shrink’ the material tightly around the goods to give a secure and attractive package. Particularly suitable for large and irregular shaped products also provides a tamper proof seal around the goods.

Equally popular is sleeving, for which a loose fitting clear plastic sleeve is placed around the products and then heat applied to ‘shrink’. Sleeves can be purchased pre-printed, ideal for promotional offers i.e. ‘buy one get one free’. With a sealing capacity up to 600mm x 650mm we are able to process large batch work quickly and efficiently when required.

Applications Include:

  • Hobby & Craft Products
  • Appliance Parts & Supplies
  • Toys & Games
  • Books & Magazines
  • Leaflets & Envelopes
  • Bottles
  • Cassettes & Videos Gifts