Gift Wrapping and packaging from PA Packaging

The revolution of eCommerce fulfilment services like Shopify & Magento Shipping mean as a business you’d need never see or hold your physical stock.

It is for this very reason working closely with your packaging supplier is essential to ensure a smooth logistical experience. As packaging, warehouse and fulfilment experts we here at PA Packaging have pulled together a few top tips for ensuring the perfect parcel for your customers this Christmas and beyond!

Work from the Inside Out

Packaging is of course 100% dependant on what you are selling. Packaging can be as simple as a box or completely bespoke to your product. Ask yourself a few pivotal questions, key among these is how protected does the item need to be? This may well impact on all other areas of the packaging.

Other points to consider, cost, information, appearance. If you’re selling a high-end product then poor packaging can cheapen the entire experience so ensure the journey of unboxing flows from packaging to product by starting inside and working out.

Size is Everything

So much so that we’ve given size it’s own section! The slightest compromise here may mean a massive cost saving. This is not just in terms of cost to produce. If a box is easier to store then small savings in stacking may lead to big cost efficiencies long term. Shipping costs will also be greatly impacted here so take the time to test ideas, explore the practicalities and consult the experts on your packaging design (we’re just a phone call away). Choosing the right packaging supplies might just impact your business more than you think!

Worst Case – Returns

Returns is a big deal now. Consumers have the upper hand with regards to their rights and you need to be ready to make the returns process as simple and smooth as possible to save us all some time. Returns instructions should be clear and readily available.Providing a simple returns packaging option may even prove more effective and create loyal customers. Keeping the customer happy is the number one focus here for repeat business. Post-Christmas returns don’t necessarily have to mean no more business.

Packaging can be as fun and funky or plain and simple as you like. While your brand can shine through the way you distribute your product, sticking to these few points will also ensure a satisfied customer at the end of the supply chain.

Contact PA PAckaging today and we can work on a cost-effective packaging solution that ensures customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiencies for your business.