State of The Art, High-Speed Packaging

State of the art, high-speed packaging, for a wide range of applications. Integrating in-line packaging is achieved by combining with ancillary equipment such as in-feed or imprinting equipment, including a thermal transfer imprinter and Accu-Count Advantage counter, the Auto bag system prints barcodes, text and graphics onto the bag, then indexes, allowing the product to be loaded and seals the finished package in one simple, in-line operation.

Equally popular is sleeving, for which a loose fitting clear plastic sleeve is placed around the products and then heat applied to ‘shrink’. Sleeves can be purchased pre-printed, ideal for promotional offers i.e. ‘buy one get one free’. With a sealing capacity up to 600mm x 650mm we are able to process large batch work quickly and efficiently when required.

Applications Include:

  • Automotive Replacement Parts
  • Electrical & Electronic Components
  • Hobby & Craft Products
  • Fasteners & Connectors
  • Hardware & Hard-Line Components
  • Appliance Parts & Supplies
  • Plumbing & Irrigation Parts
  • Jewellery & Novelty Items
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Aids